Protein Fight Club — Milk vs. Breakfast Burrito

February 5, 2014

Things are about to get messy. Does Milk have what it takes to take on a true behemoth of breakfast? Find out in Protein Fight Club! —– TRANSCRIPT Protein…
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Question by Tony Hong: Protein Shakes VS No Protein Shakes?
Im 145 right now and want to Remain that weight or lose to 138 for wrestling by november……
do Protein shakes make u gain weight?? if so, what kind of Protein Shakes make u gain muscle and lose fat??? is 10 G of protein in protein shakes good enough?
* if i dont drink protein will my muscles still look same??? will i gain less without protein??

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Answer by Ace
It depends how often you exercise and what kind of protein shake. I recommend UltraMeal vanilla, it makes you lose weight and fills you up. Put almond or soy milk in it and vanilla extract and some flax seeds. It’s actually super good and you will drop fat and build muscle really fast!

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